Budapest was amazing last Saturday. It was a little rainy, and we both we pretty tired due to staying awake for too long the night before. Nevertheless, we had some great time together, and I hope we’ll be able to stay longer there next time. You just gotta love this city!

Bosnia has been so so cold bit yet amazing, because I got to see my family. Now next destination - Vienna!

As of today, I will take it slow when it comes to tumblr. I might post something here and there, but I won’t be doing it regularly. So have a nice time, be happy and see you someday! Bye!

With muuuch love, A.

As I promised, here’s the ring! I apologize because it took me so long… It’s very simple, white gold and a diamond stone. I love it and am ready to wear it my whole life!

Oh dear Lord! Yesterday night I got so so many questions and lovely congratulations for my engagement, and they were all so sweet! I gotta admit, I left a happy tear or two run down my cheek.. What I want to say is, I will answer to all of you privately, because I don’t want to clog my blog. Thank you so much once again!! Xo

Since Saturday, the 17. of May 2014, I am an engaged girl. New life starts now.

Picture of the ring will follow.


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