Jean-Honore Fragonard
Blindman’s Buff (Le Colin-Maillard)
ca. 1775-80
Oil on canvas
Fragonard choosed  to  developed a style that lauded the charm and beauty of the private moments. In Blindman’s Buff, well-dressed men, women, and children play the familiar game in the kind of picturesque overgrown garden. Fragonard’s favorite subject, he  viewed the games as symbolizing the game of courtship.
Timken Museum of Art,  San Diego, California


Morning tea (by astramoljac)

❝Didn’t you know that the stars love and hate, that a nova is a passion, and that a dead star is just like a dead human or a dead machine? The trees have their lusts, and I have heard the drunken laughter of buildings, the urgent demands of highways…❞

Robert Sheckley, Store of the Worlds  (via mercurieux)

(via mercurieux)

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